About the Artist | Drew Davis | San Luis Obispo, CA


Drew Davis - Biography

Who is Drew

Drew Davis is a contemporary impressionist working primarily in oil and acrylic paints. Since beginning his art career as a teenager in 2001, he has developed a unique style of painting that brings his subjects to life with attention-grabbing color, movement and emotion.

Style and Inspiration

Drew paints boldly and intuitively, letting the paint speak for itself. Living in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California, he is Inspired by the beautiful coastline, vibrant vineyards, lush mountains, his love of fine food, craft beer, local wine, Gypsy Jazz, and Swing dancing (Lindy Hop).

Exhibitions and Press

Not only has Drew had the honor of being voted SLO New Times “Best Visual Artist”, He has been featured in numerous publications including the covers of Festival Mozaic, Paso Arts Festival, Cambria Art and Wine, and Open Studio Art Tour.

Drews paintings are collected world-wide, and His paintings have been shown in numerous galleries and juried art shows including: Just Looking Gallery - SLO, Fiona Bleu - Morro Bay, Studios on the Park - Paso Robles, Le Belle - Carmel, and others.


Drew's Artist Statement

"Mixed, Splashed, Sprayed, Layered, Dripped, Scraped..."

Art Is Risky

I believe art is a reflection of life.  Aren't the hiccups we encounter in life as much a part of living as all the blissful parts?  Each breath is a give and take. Art empowers, it validates, and it allows a glimpse into ourselves. It’s risky-- It’s dangerous-- and yet it’s worth it.  

Art Obsession

When I was a teenager I obsessed over color pencils and mazes and monsters -- tinkering and doodling.  My focus was on the detail and its limitless impossibility-- never good enough it seemed.

Paints were introduced to me at 16 and I found the imperfections that it offers simply liberating. No longer was it gratifying to control every mark. I let go...

Letting go

My love of allowing the paint to be itself is evident in my paintings-- both perfection and imperfection live there. Thick, bold colors and brush strokes dance large and small across the canvas: Layered, mixed, blended, splashed, sprayed, dripped and scraped. Often my marks are left just as they are: Accepted. Admired. Loved-- Isn't that what we all long for, anyway?

Finding your Joy

Let us each surrounded ourselves with things that bring us joy.  Fill our lives with people and art that both encourage, and challenge. At times we need a change of perspective, or a shift of attitude. Usually just a splash of color, a fresh new tune, flowers in bloom, or a beautiful sunny day is the all the medicine we need to get out of our heads and enjoy that bliss that life has for us.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be lounging on the sand with the sun shining on our faces. This is why I strive to capture these precious moments that transport us to our happy place-- any time.

Just Keep Going

Creating art is my lifelong journey and am so happy to share this path with you as it develops and unfolds.  Let us keep moving forward, learning each and every step… one hiccup at a time.


Live a great life.  Own great art.