SUNDAY, MAY 7th 11pm-1pm


DREW DAVIS FINE ART STUDIO: 393 Pacific St, San Luis Obispo. 


Are you ready to explore the beauty of painting with greens? Join me for an exciting 2-hour acrylic painting workshop at my studio near downtown SLO. In this class, we'll delve into the art of impressionism and create a painting inspired by the lush green hills of the surrounding area. As someone who has struggled with using green in my own work, I've learned a lot about this complex color and can't wait to share my tips and techniques with you.

During the workshop, I'll guide you through my creative process step-by-step, sharing my insights and demonstrating techniques for making beautiful, energetic paintings. You'll learn how to use shape, value, color, and brushwork to create movement and balance in your artwork. All skill levels are welcome, and I'll provide all the supplies you need, including printed photos to work from. If you have your favorite brushes, tools, or paints, feel free to bring them along too.

Throughout the class, you'll receive personal attention and general instruction from me, so you can feel confident in your progress. Let's explore the beauty of GREEN together and unleash your artistic talents in a fun and supportive environment.

Space is limited, so sign up today and let's create something amazing!

A little about Drew:

Meet Drew, a professional artist with over 20 years of experience and a passion for teaching painting workshops. Drew's preferred mediums are oil and acrylic paints on canvas, and he's best known for his bold and colorful impressionistic style. His unique approach transforms familiar subjects into stunning and energetic abstracted forms, creating a visual feast for the eyes.For the past eight years, Drew has been sharing his expertise with students of all skill levels through his engaging and inspiring painting workshops. When he's not teaching, you can find him working on his latest masterpiece or sharing his art on his website,, and social media pages, @drewdavisfineart. With Drew's guidance, you'll discover new techniques, explore your creative potential, and create paintings that are sure to leave a lasting impression. 


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